Udo Pesch

Udo Pesch is associate professor in ethics of technology at the department of Values, Technology and Innovation of the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the TU Delft. He is the chair of the human research ethics committee (HREC) of the university and member of the TPM Energy Transition Lab. He publishes on energy justice, sustainable innovation and moral emotions.


Maartje Schermer

Maartje Schermer is Professor in Philosophy of Medicine at the department of Medical Ethics, Philosophy and History of Medicine. She is chair of the Centre for Ethics and Health (CEG). Her research focuses on philosophical and ethical questions surrounding new (bio-)medical technologies. How can we use digital technology such as e-health and AI ethically in healthcare? How do our conceptions of illness, health and risk change under the influence of new medical knowledge and techniques?

Erik Schokkaert

Erik Schokkaert is Emeritus Professor of Economics at KU Leuven. He was co-founder of the interdisciplinary think tank Metaforum and of the Research Centre for Economics and Ethics. He has published on economics and health care, the social welfare state and intergenerational justice.

Carinne Elion-Valter

Carinne Elion-Valter is lecturer at the Erasmus School of Law of Erasmus University Rotterdam and now mainly involved in teaching of Academic Writing and thesis supervision (BA and MA). She studied notarial law at Leiden University and wrote her PhD thesis on Law and Literature. She works on the boundaries between law, literature and philosophy and has published on recognition, credibility and twentieth-century French literature. Main focus is on understanding the cultural structures of belief underlying liberal democracy and rule of law. For her research she uses critical philosophy, phenomenology, history of ideas and literary theory. Recent publications regard Tocqueville, Utopian influences in legislation, the concept of social contract in Corporate Social Responsibility and Informed consent and the recognition of the child, a critical discussion of McEwan’s The Children Act.

Until 2021, she was municipal leader for the social liberal party of D66 in Bergen op Zoom. The political experience gave her a unique insight in the workings of politics: the strategies, the interference of several rationalities (financial, economic, societal and managerial), issues of legitimacy and trust and underlying visions on community and identity.

Sylvia Wenmackers

Sylvia Wenmackers is a BOF Research professor at the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science (CLPS) of the Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven. She graduated as a Master in Theoretical Physics at Ghent University (Belgium) in 2002. She started her research career at the Institute for Materials Research, Hasselt University (Belgium), where she earned her Ph.D. in 2008. After a year as a postdoctoral researcher, she moved fields to Philosophy of Science. In 2011, she obtained a Ph.D. (cum laude) in Philosophy at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) for her dissertation “Philosophy of Probability”. Currently, she is working on topics in philosophy of physics, foundations of probability, and formal epistemology.