Reaching Leuven and getting around

Leuven can be reached in less than thirty minutes by train from Brussels-Airport (the airport at Zaventem, be aware that there is also an airport called ‘Brussels-South’, which is further away), or from the international train stations Bruxelles-midi and Liège-Guillemins. There is only one train station in Leuven (simply called ‘Leuven’), from which the conference venue and most places to stay can easily be reached on foot. Participants with reduced mobility can count on regular bus services, and may always contact us for assistance.

Info on trains:

Info on bus services:

Staying in Leuven

Around the train station are several reliable hotels such as Novotel, Park Inn, Hotel Industrie, La Royale and Hotel Malon. Closest to the venue is Pentahotel (Alfons Smetsplein). Leuven offers a wide array of bars and restaurants, for all budgets and all tastes. The old market is often called the ‘largest bar in the world’, given the number of adjacent bars. Bars such as Café Belge offer a wide selection of Belgian beers.  During the conference, Leuven’s award-winning Christmas market will be running.


Currently, there are no Covid-related restrictions in place for travelling to Belgium. Some restrictions are theoretically in place for ‘very high risk-countries’, but currently there are no countries falling under that category. That may change of course – we will keep you updated on the situation. We advise all participants in the possibility to do so to take a test before travelling to the conference. Please be aware that the wearing of a face-mask may be advised or mandated during the conference proceedings, depending on the situation at the moment.